What Are the Different Methods of Marketing and How Effective They Are

What Are the Different Methods of Marketing and How Effective They Are

It seems that, at present, every company must carry out marketing actions to be up to date and take advantage of all the opportunities that we present to a business. But what types of marketing can you apply to your strategy?

Expose Your Brand Everywhere

Regardless of the business sector where each company operates, the size they have or where they have their headquarters, drawing up and applying a good marketing strategy will always be effective when it comes to selling a product or offering a service that generates recurring income.

It is also possible that within your global marketing plan you should not focus only on one or two communication channels. In fact, you can draw on different sources of inspiration and work according to your needs.

Therefore, in this article we are going to analyze what types of marketing exist, what their characteristics are and their main differences.

How Many Types of Marketing Are There?

The world of marketing has changed as circumstances have required. In this way, the traditional marketing techniques that we knew at the beginning no longer apply by heart as they used to.

It is true that the classical methods and techniques still use. However, the adjustments created by the passage of time or the appearance of new styles force us to pay attention and constantly reinvent ourselves.

If you are already related to the digital world, even indirectly, concepts such as online and offline marketing, inbound marketing or guerrilla marketing are sure to ring a bell. If not, do not worry because we will see what this and other types of marketing currently active consist of.

These are the types of marketing that exist. Described below:

There are other categories but, ultimately, these are the most used by companies.

Digital Or Online Marketing

Starting with an examination of the most essential sorts of marketing, the fundamental concept of online marketing was first center on moving advertising from conventional media to a website with very limited features. Remember, this process started in the 1990s, at the beginning of the Internet as we know it today.

As a result of technical advancements, the current stage achieves in which each user has the capability to share information with the world at large through newer web sites that are more stylish and have better internal structures. web development, or by establishing platforms like social networks or discussion boards.

All actions connected to online placement, email advertising strategies, online advertising, and so on include here. Some of these will also discuss in this article.

Offline Or Traditional Marketing

We also call it as offline marketing and refers to the collection of promoting efforts that we carry out in the actual environment. Or, to put it another way, those related with the actual world.

Such has been the thrust of online marketing that, being this the first of the types of marketing used by companies. It had to distinguish by adding the word online at the end.

Picture of a bulletin without promotions, an illustration of the kinds of show-casing relevant Ads by different organizations.

In these strategies there was (and continues to be) a consensus that there are 4 variables on which the different ideas and communication actions of companies revolve.

These are the price, the product (or service), the distribution and the promotion with which we can compose our offer mix.

Ads in mainstream media, for instance, are examples of this type of advertising (press, TV, radio, etc.). Membership in directories such as the Yellow Pages, as well as advertising.

Influencer Marketing

Closely linked to social network marketing that we saw before; its foundation is to take advantage of the ability to reach new clients that certain network users called influencers have so that they promote a brand or advise followers about a specific product or service.

To do this, companies must observe and investigate in the market which are the profiles that fit the most within the marketing strategy that they want to execute. When the right person contacts them and reach an agreement. We usually give them a test of the product so that they can test it and then promote it or comment on its benefits with their followers, in addition to commenting on the weak points that they see in the product or service internally to think about improvements for the future.


There are different types of Marketing campaigns? We summarize all the classes that exist so that you can evaluate and choose the correct one to implement it within your marketing strategy.

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