Marketing Activities to Generate Sales Leads

Marketing Activities to Generate Sales Leads

Getting a lot of traffic to our website or simply increasing the number of followers on our social networks day by day is a good way to start. But in business, that is not enough to get sales leads.  When we talk about business. We need all that traffic and those followers to become leads in order to have a record of contacts that we know are interested in our products or services.

1. What Are Sales Leads?

Before we talk about the different ways to get sales leads, it’s important to understand what a lead is. A lead is a contact that shows interest in acquiring a product or service. There are several types of leads, depending on the interest in our product or service.

The most interesting for any company are the “hot” leads , who present a stronger interest and who are more likely to end up buying your product or contracting the service. On the other hand, there are “cold” leads, that is, those who have agreed to receive information about our products or services but who do not intend to make any purchase at that time.

Sales Leads (SQL)

Offering quality leads is a key part of any marketing strategy. The work of caring for, serving and nurturing all the leads will be essential to filter out those that are really sales leads.

Sales leads or (SQL) refer to a lead qualified by the sales team  and previously verified by the marketing team.

We consider this user ready to move on to the next stage in our sales process, since they have shown interest in some of our company’s products and/or services. In short, he is a lead likely to  make a purchase in our business.  

 If you want to know more about sales leads, visit: What is SQL in Inbound Marketing? Get to filter your leads

In this article we are going to explain different marketing actions that are essential to get sales leads.

2. How Do We Get Qualified Leads?

It is essential that, in order to capture leads, we have done prior work so that users visit our website or our blog and that they have had some interaction with our company. Our main objective is that this interaction materializes in a contact in order to start implementing the most effective marketing actions.

2.1. Attractive Content: Your Greatest Ally

Having a blog is one of the strongest tools for generating sales leads. Create a good content strategy to answer the questions that your buyer personas are asking. Be attractive and offer quality material and constantly update them to keep your potential client always up to date with the latest news and updates.

2.2. Downloadable And Premium Content To Convert

Within any Inbound marketing strategy , downloadable content will be one of the main channels through which one can obtain qualified sales leads: eBooks, guides, etc.   But how do we get our stuff downloaded?

Once we have managed to attract a user through our content on the blog, we invite them to download more free content in exchange for leaving their data to proceed with the download. These contents will always be related to the content that they have previously read on the blog.

Do you know what you need?

In order to carry out this strategy, you need certain marketing tools to get your potential customers to download your premium content and become sales leads. For this, it is essential to use three marketing tools:

Landing pages:

it is the place where the user lands once he decides to download the premium content. Do not forget, your landing page must be attractive and impressive. Remember that what you want is to hook the user, so everything must invite them to download and capture their full attention.


it is the place where the user will leave all their data in order to get the premium content they are looking for. Therefore, it is crucial for the capture of leads, since it is the moment of truth.

Thank you page :

It is the last stage of the interaction. This is the page where you deliver the content to the user to download. Also, it’s the perfect time to say thank you for downloading the content.

Here is a compilation of actions to get more and better sales leads in your business!

23. Email Marketing: Exclusive Newsletters

Make your users feel part of something special through email marketing . They do not want to receive information by default and send that to the entire community, but rather they want more specific and personalized content.

A good way to use the newsletter to capture sales leads can be through the dissemination in the same newsletter of landing pages in which there is downloadable premium content. And it is not the only way, can also use the newsletter as premium content that requires a subscription to receive it.

2.4. Video Marketing

People nowadays are looking for experiences and for this reason, videos are a great channel to reach them and make an impact on them. Video marketing is a much more effective approach than the written word and it proves that it creates much more engagement from users.

Use this tool to incorporate more quality information in your posts or on your YouTube channel. As with other sales lead capture tools, videos can use as premium content subject to a subscription.

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