Face Makeup Application in Four Photo Sessions

Face Makeup Application in Four Photo Sessions

Makeup is as important to achieve a great photo session as the model. A good photographer, a set, and a wardrobe according to the theme. And there is an element of the face that can determine the success or failure of our photoshoot. The skin.

Discover These Tips to Work in Favor of Light in A Photoshoot

Shiny, dirty-looking or overly nuanced skin can ruin our photos. Maquilla Belda, a professional makeup artist and author of the book on this discipline ‘Makeup Artist’. She knows it very well and in this tutorial. She gives us some tricks to work in favor of light in our photo sessions. The model Lucía Alonso accompany the other model, Herranz.

Tips For Making Up the Skin in Photo Sessions 1

Maquilla Belda has the model with a subdued light. Resulting in the skin looking very natural and having a very healthy appearance. To achieve a more satin effect that highlights the skin of the subject to photograph. The make-up artist recommends that you enhance the brightness with an Illuminator. Maquilla uses two illuminators, one powder and one liquid.

The Illuminator

We applied the illuminator to different points of our face. The upper part of the cheek, under the eyebrow, in the tear duct, in moderation on the nose and in the cupid’s bow of our lips. Maquilla recommends that you spread it with your fingers and avoid going towards the eyecup, as we could enhance that part. In addition, it is essential to work it carefully so as not to take away the rest of the makeup. We recommend Liquid highlighter for older skin or if you want to achieve a more enhanced glow. But you can also use highlighter.

Makeup Tutorial: How to Make Up the Skin in A Photo Session 2

Apply The Highlighter with Light Touches.

(The color of makeup depends on the light)

We have to keep in mind that the color of our makeup can also change with light. We will use a shadow to enhance the color of our eyelids. That will generate a little more intensity. Add a touch of gloss for a juicier effect. This way we will better appreciate the textures.

Makeup Tutorial: How to Make Up the Skin in A Photo Session 3

You can put liquid eyeshadow to emphasize the color.

Tone The Makeup to Avoid Harsh Shadows

The harder shadows will mark the shine more and it may be that, although we want a juicy makeup, it is necessary to nuance it. To do this, we will use compact powder in the different areas of the face, such as the forehead and between the eyebrows, the area around the eyes, the wings of the nose, the lip, and the chin. It is important to nuance these areas since treacherous shine can ruin the entire look.

Makeup Tutorial: How to Make Up the Skin in A Photo Session 4

Glitter On the Face Can Ruin Your Photos

Did you like this tutorial? If you want to learn with Maquilla Belda to enhance the features that make each person unique and create makeup for shoots, considering the context and the type of light, do not miss her online course Professional makeup for photo sessions.

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