How Can Email Marketing Benefit Your B2B Business?

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an online communication technique used to promote interesting content for our clients through email campaigns.

Why Should Your B2B Company Use Email Marketing?

Can answered this question with another: does your potential client use email on a daily basis?

In the past, conventional email and cold calling were the best marketing methods for businesses trying to acquire new customers.

The problem with cold calling is that it takes a long time and it is practically impossible to get a high conversion number. As for direct mail, it used to be effective, but now executives spend most of the day going through it, so you have to know what to send and how to send it.

What do you need to create a good B2B Email Marketing campaign?

1. Mark The Goal

The first thing we need to establish is the objective of the campaign. Do we want to offer a product/service to get more conversions, promote an event and attract a greater number of leads or give visibility to a video or latest posts from our corporate blog and get more visits to our website?

Aligning the objectives with the KPIs that we are going to measure will help us prepare a more effective campaign.

But in order to send the newsletters we need to obtain a database with the emails of our potential clients (leads). To do this, once you get an email marketing tool, the first thing you should do is import the list of contacts you already have to start your campaigns.

2. Segment

Once we have a clear objective, we must segment the sending of the newsletter. Each company orders the information in its database according to its own needs. If we have clients, it may be interesting to have a field where the provinces reflect.

But not only that: are you interested in separating customers by gender? By type of product? Service? By new and old customers?

In this way, if we create a newsletter that talks about an offer that only affects the Valencian Community, we will be able to segment those contacts that belong to the provinces of Valencia and Alicante and perhaps the closest ones. So, we will not be intrusive in sending emails.

3. Design The Newsletter

Once the objective and the type of public that will receive our newsletter are clear, we can create a more personalized design than if we had to send it to the entire database. For this we need:

– Offer in the matter of what may be of interest to the client. Think that the subject is the first filter that will have to pass for the client to reach our newsletter.

– Concise headline with the most important information.

– Attractive and coherent image with the content.

– Relevant content, depending on the type of information that we are going to send.

– Buttons with a clear call to action for the customer.

– Links that take the client to the landing page that we want to promote.

4. Measure The Results

There are some KPIs that we have to take into account when we do email marketing campaigns. Measure the opening ratio, the number of clicks for each shipment, the buttons where customers click the most, the number of users who unsubscribe with each shipment…

They are indicators that will help us to know if we are sending content of interest to our database.

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